Give your conference attendees, employees, or teaching staff the gift of financial literacy.

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Need someone who is not only a personal finance expert, but who also has an extensive background in communicating these concepts to a wide variety of audiences?

I am widely recognized as not only one of Canada's leading personal finance voices.

I have designed everything from a high school personal finance curriculum to corporate email auto-responder series.  Hire a professional who understands that while writing or speaking effectively means adapting to your audience, but that breaking down complex financial topics into easy-to-engage-with fundamentals is universal.  Whether you want to convey the magic of compound interest to teenagers or explain the finer points of mutual funds vs index investing to experienced investors, I create actionable, high-quality content that will educate your targeted demographic and leave them ready to Earn. Save. Live.

If you’d like to hire me to speak at your event or have a need for elite personal finance writing, please use the form below to get in touch.  Include any relevant details about your project or event. Looking forward to learning with you.

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