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Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that to meet our full potential as learners, we need freedom, inspiration, structure, and a challenge. My experiences at both a teacher and learner have continuously reinforced one fact: Excellence never happens by accident. I encourage grit-building through hard work and a growth mindset, real-world application of knowledge, and hands-on skill development. I facilitate curriculum through the framework of a safe, inquiry-based learning community that encourages students to be curious, take risks, build, discuss, and problem solve.

“Making connections is our most crucial learning tool, the essence of human intelligence; to form links, to go beyond the given, to see patterns, relationships, and context.”

– Marilyn Ferguson

Why I teach:

  • Because I love to learn
  • Because I enjoy being the launchpad for young people’s hopes and dreams
  • Because leading a group of learners is how I feel that I can best contribute to the world

How I teach:

  • I blend traditional curriculum approaches within modern inquiry-based frameworks
  • We start with “why” (why is this important and how does it connect to my world?)
  • There is no end to the challenge of learning, and no end to the support that can be provided to meet that challenge
  • In a learning community, learning doesn’t flow in one direction, (from teacher-to-student) but rather connects every learner to one another

Who I teach:

  • Every student is worthy of respect and their diversity should be celebrated
  • Every student is capable of excellence if grit is developed via a growth mindset
  • Every student has expertise that we can all benefit from
  • Every student needs to be inspired, motivated, challenged, and taught differently

What I teach:

  • Subject areas that are interconnected and which don’t exist independent of one another in the world outside of our classroom
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills that can only be built when a teacher is willing to share ownership of learning
  • That economics and incentives can explain much of the world around us
  • That understanding our world today, means understanding the historical journey of our people and institutions
  • That literacy and curiosity can open any door 
  • That personal finance is for everyone, not just financial advisors

How I measure effective education:

  • How often I see the “epiphany light” go on in my students’ eyes
  • Student assessments are about not only evaluating students, but also guiding their learning and my teaching
  • Students’ understanding of the final curricular goals, the process we used to get there, and what their grade reflects
  • The confidence and excitement with which students leave my classroom ready to apply the knowledge and skills gained within

Favourite Education Books

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Favourite Ted Talks

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